Organic Waste

Municipal Solid Waste

Construction & Demolition Waste

Sewage Waste Water, Industrial Waste Water

What we do

CMH provides turnkey solutions for all waste streams. For example, we turn waste into energy and waste water into drinking water. Our solutions are economically sustainable and therefore long term. These are the waste streams we manage:

Municipal Solid Waste, Hazardous & Chemical Waste, Medical Waste, Construction & Demolition Waste, Organic Waste, Industrial Waste, Sewage Waste Water, Industrial Waste Water


CMH is a Dutch company specialized in waste and water treatment. Our international experience, solid partners and patented technology enables us to offer tailor made treatment facilities. We provide a solution for pollution.

Together with our highly respected partners like CMTS-VSI, WCI and D2 we have been involved in a wide variety of waste and water treatment projects worldwide. CMH has been collecting valuable knowledge and experience in different fields of expertise. We have provided long term solutions for decades to protect the environment and keep the planet clean. Some of our proudest achievements:

-World’s largest Waste to Energy Plant, AEB in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
-Founder of the National Hydraulic Plan of Colombia
-National Hazardous Waste Program of Oman


We at CMH believe we borrow our beautiful planet from the next generations. It is our duty to treat her with the love and respect she deserves. Spoiling us with all her glory and deliciousness, we have to do everything we can to make sure future generations can enjoy the same things we have enjoyed for centuries. Crisp air, fresh and clean water, a rich and nurturing soil, it’s simply irreplaceable. We offer economically sustainable and viable solutions to assure long term projects. The growing population is a big challenge but thankfully technology keeps evolving with us. In this way we can turn a problem into a solution. Our Waste to Energy solution is the perfect example. Waste can be a devastating problem, polluting the soil, air and waters we so desperately depend on. On the other hand we see the demand for energy increase due to the growing population and the higher standard of living. Therefore we treat the waste in the most efficient way and turn it into sustainable energy. We provide a solution for pollution. Our partners like CMTS-VSI, WCI and D2 share this mindset and together we dedicate our life to the innovation and implementation of the best possible technology to protect the environment we hold so dear. It’s not a luxury to use the best technology, it’s a bare necessity. We have to ensure public health and the preservation of the environment. We take it as our responsibility and proudly offer our services.


CMH originated in the Netherlands. For more than 20 years we have been developing and providing solutions for waste and waste water issues, using state of the art and patented Dutch technology. We started out with composing feasibility studies, designing and building advanced water treatment plants for waste water and drink water in Latin America. Not only for industries but also for municipalities. Since the beginning of this century, CMH has been active in the field of solid waste treatment as well. Working on research, design, manufacturing, construction and maintenance of waste management systems. To name a few, Des-gasification Systems in Urban Residues Fields (DGS-URF), Multifunctional Recycling Facilities (MRF), Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Organic Waste Composting (OWC), Hazardous Waste and Hospital Waste Management and Waste to Energy (W2E). Together with our partners, we have grown. The technology we use has evolved and is rated amongst the very best worldwide because we never stop innovating.

Let’s work together!

A wise man once said: “In union there is strength”. We believe in those words. The challenges we face as a community, as a species, as all living beings on planet Earth, we can only overcome them if we work together. We unite with the strongest partners to achieve the best results, environmentally and economically. We invite companies, industries, governments to join us to protect the environment and serve the population, in a sustainable manner.